Galactic Requiem is a sci-fi setting based on the D20 system

roam the galaxy, build and customize ships, raise an empire, adventure and explore in a galaxy full of lore and history, did I mention the galaxy is currently 80000 light years bigger than the milky way. Galactic Requiem is an open world game I started building and running roughly 10 years ago.

But what is Galactic Requiem, what is in its setting? Well, its what might be considered a standard sci-fi, its a setting with a lot of stuff, mages and psi users, powerarmor and starships, energy rifles and swords, demons and FTL drives, nations fighting for power and territory or striving for peace that kind of stuff.

What will you be doing, well that’s mainly up to you, walk down the streets of a city and stop by a space restaurant, or explore derelict ships and murder hordes of aliens and spy for one of the many nations, its all up to you, there are what might be considered “main quests” and “story arcs” but they aren’t mandatory. I could go on and on explaining it but then id just be writing another story based on the setting.

matches are usually held on saturdays 12:00~5:00PM pst but the time and day is modifiable

The game is run using a voice program such as skype , and we use maptools 1.2.b91 its a free virtual tabletop program but if you don’t know how or where to get it just ask me

If you are interested in joining the group you can contact me here or you also contact me on skype my username is nikolai katskov

The stardate is January 1st 112 012 257 886 its been 3 months since the fall of the Grand Empire marking the end of the second galactic war. In the Grand Empires final attempts at victory they unleashed their greatest weapons and devastated the other nations leaving the galaxy in turmoil. The surviving nations attempt to rebuild and regain there strength in the aftermath of the conflict but new alliances and plans are being forged. Nations and fleets seek to regain territory and exact revenge on old adversaries all whilst the remaining Grand Empire forces are hunted by the ancient nations.


Galactic Requiem