The Galactic Council

capital: Taevell

founded in: 112,012,254,397

government type: Representative Democracy

languages: Galactic Standard

The Galactic Council, commonly referred to as The Council, is an alliance of nations in the GCAC-G1.
The Galactic Council was originally created solely as an organization to stand against the Grand Empire, however, after the first Galactic War in 112,012,255,607. The Galactic Council became an independent government organization maintaining its own military, and operating under it’s own laws.
Encompassing 2,304 individual nations, the Galactic Council provides a Representative Democracy, allowing its members equal representation as well as full independence as long as they operate under legislation passed by the Council.

On 112 012 257 885 October 3 the government of the Galactic Council was overthrown by the Systems Authority in a military coup.

Some notable people of the council are:

Lord Abram Ira
former Grand Empire lord

Admiral Winters Rapture
council admiral

Colonel Victor Picht
council colonel

Council Specialist O’Brian
council sgt.

Bernard Pennington
mech pilot

Tucker Irvin

“Nitida“Assault rifle
Omnicorp 9mm Double-Action Autoloader Pistol “O-DAAPI85”
Omnicorp Assault Carbine “O-AC85”

Council L-532 “Lilac” class destroyer
Council W-861 “Warhound” multirole combat starfighter

The Galactic Council

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