Commonwealth Plasma Laser Rifle "CW-PLLR"

Commonwealth Plasma Laser Rifle

The "CW-PLLR-PL-50L10’100” is a selective-fire Plasma Laser Rifle developed by the Commonwealth of imperial systems.

The CW-PLLR-PL-50L10’100 is the standard weapon of the commonwealth ground forces, it combines both plasma and laser technology and is effective against infantry and light vehicles.


Price: ~7800cr

weapon type: Plasma Laser Rifle

ammo type: Commonwealth plasma energy cell

Magazine: 50/50 Energy cell

Size: 2 ft

Damage Type: Plasma

Weight: 10 lb.

Effective Range: 1500ft.

Rate of Fire: S,B,A

Commonwealth Plasma Laser Rifle "CW-PLLR"

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