Council “Nitida” Assault Rifle

Council C-AR-5.56mm-30L12’70 “Nitida” Assault Rifle
Council 5.56mm Assault Rifle

The "C-AR-5.56mm-30L12’70” “Nitida” is a selective-fire 5.56mm Assault Rifle developed by the Galactic Council.
The Nitida was the Galactic Councils standard service rifle during the first galactic war onward until it was replaced by the O-AC85-7.62mm-20L9’80 in 112,012,257,885. however even after its replacement the Nitida is still produced by many of the minor nations of the council and has had many variants created due to its simple design and lower price.


Price ~1000cr

weapon type: Assault Rifle

ammo type: 5.56mm

Magazine: 30/30 box magazine

Size: 3 ft

Damage Type: Ballistic

Weight: 12 lb.

Effective Range: 1050ft.

Rate of Fire: S,A

Council “Nitida” Assault Rifle

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