Omnicorp Assault Carbine "O-AC85"

Omnicorp 7.62mm Assault Carbine

The "O-AC85-7.62mm-20L9’80” is a selective-fire 7.62mm Assault Carbine developed by Omnicorp for the Galactic Council in 112 012 257 885.
The O-AC85-7.62mm-20L9’80 was created to replace the Galactic Councils aging “Nitida“Assault rifle . Unlike the Nitida the O-AC85 uses 7.62mm ammo, this change was made due to the increasing threat of the Grand Empire and the inability of council supplies to get past empire blockades.


Price: ~2000cr

weapon type: Assault Carbine

ammo type: 7.62mm

Magazine: 20/20 box magazine

Size: 2.5 ft

Damage Type: Ballistic

Weight: 9 lb.

Effective Range: 1200ft.

Rate of Fire: S,A

Omnicorp Assault Carbine "O-AC85"

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